Jarno Laasalon uima-allas lämmityksellä, katteilla ja vastavirtatoiminnolla

Case: A swimming pool for Duudson

High Metal made a swimming pool sunk into his own terrace for duudson Jarno Laasala. Laasala says that when he was younger he thought owning his own swimming pool was an impossible dream. Now, however, it was possible.

The water heating, which works with the help of an air pump, keeps the water in the pool always pleasant, i.e. 30 degrees. The pool also has a counter current feature for water workouts.

It’s nice to take a dip in the beautiful pool and its depth is enough even for small dives. Due to the steel, the pool will last for a long time and even harder use.

The pool was delivered to the destination together with our partner and retailer Allasvesi Oy.

Watch Jarno’s mood by his new swimming pool in the video below.

An outdoor pool with a self-supporting surface well pool that can withstand rough conditions.


Steel surface treatment: Machine ground plate

Additional features: Countercurrent feature, water heating

Partner: Allasvesi Oy

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