A spectacular and luxurious swimming pool

A steel swimming pool is a visually impressive and luxurious solution that can also be spiced up with great details and lighting. A stainless steel acid-resistant pool is exceptionally versatile and offers the designer the opportunity to create aesthetic pool solutions that suit any environment.

High Metal’s swimming pools can be realized in several different shapes – both straight and curved lines, normal shapes and flat surfaces. Due to the versatility of steel, no shape or size is an obstacle when designing a swimming pool. We make custom-made steel swimming pools that are suitable for private individuals, public swimming pools as well as spa facilities and hotels.

Steel pools are easy to install and maintain. They can be used to create spectacular lighting solutions, and the steel surface is very aesthetic even in natural light. With the shapes and lighting of the swimming pool, it is possible to create a unique aesthetic pool that crowns any space. 

A steel swimming pool is the most hygienic choice

In addition to looking great, a steel pool is also a very smart choice. For example, in terms of hygiene, it is a downright superior option: due to its smooth and seamless surface, it requires very little cleaning. A steel pool is very easy to clean and maintain.

The smooth surface of the steel pool is antibacterial and also prevents the growth of bacteria and algae. The use of pool chemicals can therefore be minimized. Different protective covers can also be made for the pool already at the order stage.

A customizable solution

A steel swimming pool can be made in almost any shape, so it can meet the needs of any environment. The pool can be made to measure, so it can be cleverly fitted even in difficult places or rooms with special shapes.

The pool can also be easily modified in the future if you want to add, for example, integrated stairs, a protective cover or other accessories.

Quickly ready for use

A steel sink can be conveniently delivered almost anywhere. Unlike with a tiled pool, when installing a steel pool, you don’t have to wait for the concrete to dry or worry about other foundation work.

Realizing a steel pool does not require waterproofing, large support structures or time-consuming casting works. The structures on the underside of the pool can be left open, making it easier to carry out maintenance work or changes to the pool. Although the purchase price of a steel pool is slightly higher, the basic costs are clearly lower. Also, maintenance costs during the life cycle of a steel pool are by far more affordable compared to a traditional tile pool.

Sustainable and ecological

The service life of a pool made of acid-resistant and stainless steel is several decades – that’s why it’s a competitive solution for every destination.

As a material, steel is very durable, sturdy and easily recyclable, and its properties are very ecological. The long life cycle of steel offers permanence, and steel can practically be recycled endlessly without any loss of quality. Simply washing with water is sufficient for the basic maintenance of a steel swimming pool, so there is no need to use environmentally harmful chemicals to clean it.

Retailers and partners

We are a domestic steel pool manufacturer and we deliver our pools through leading pool equipment technology suppliers in Finland. In addition, we manufacture different equipment from steel (ladders, covers, lampshades, lifting bases, etc.) for the needs of swimming pool customers.

Our partners in pool equipment equip the pools with the necessary water treatment technology and accessories. From them you can also get all the equipment, chemicals and equipment maintenance needed to use the pool. Our established partners and resellers are Pool4You and Allasvesi Oy. We also design and deliver steel pools and pool components to our partner Bluet, which specializes in floating construction.

We operate openly with different pool operators and are open to new dealers, especially for international markets.

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