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For over 70 years, High Metal OY has specialized in developing and manufacturing process equipment and components from stainless sheet metal for various industries. High Metal Oy is a growing and internationalizing owner-driven growth company with three main business areas:

1. Customer solutions – Smart stainless steel solutions for industry.
2. MKT Dairy & Food – Designs, develops processes and manufactures equipment and services for the renewing food industry, e.g. cheese making equipment
3. HM Pools – A business focused around stainless steel swimming pool solutions

Fine history, traditions and at the same time renewing ownership also give direction in building the future together with customers and partners. Find out more about High Metal Oy’s operations on the website

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We think about things in a new way

Although we have been serving different industries for 70 years, we all have a huge enthusiasm to do things in a new way – better, more efficiently and smarter. Already in the third generation, we are combining skills, operating models and activities from different fields. We unprejudicedly follow industry trends, new manufacturing and manufacturing methods, and develop our operating models. We dare to promise that every product from us is guaranteed to stand up to the scrutiny of other top players in the world.

Beautiful, ecological and domestic quality

Corrosion-resistant steel guarantees a long service life for the swimming pool. Stainless steel is one of the most environmentally friendly materials, and a steel pool is completely recyclable if for some reason you end up taking the pool out of use. As the designers, manufacturers and suppliers are domestic, both maintenance and repair as well as modification needs can be met quickly, reliably and with high quality. It is also possible to make various maintenance contracts with suppliers, so you can focus only on enjoying the benefits of the swimming pool.

Doing something that knows the standards

We have designed, manufactured and delivered steel pools also for public spaces, such as swimming halls and spas. Pools in public facilities are in very active use, and their water treatment and cleanliness are subject to the high standards set by Tukes (Safety and Chemicals Agency). Our swimming pools are manufactured to very high standards. Based on our experience and know-how and in cooperation with our partners, we deliver all high-quality swimming pool solutions for public spaces. 

Tietoa meistä

Trust is born of communication

We make critically important entities for our customers. For this reason, we have paid special attention to the minimization of problem situations, delivery reliability and the quality of our work. In addition to high-quality operations, trust arises from direct communication and the ability to react in problem situations. We also make sure that if something happens to us or the customer, we are able to act quickly to solve the problem. 

Everything comes
from our experts

High Metal is nothing without its specially skilled personnel. For this reason, we take special care that our company’s operating culture is inspiring and gives our experts the opportunity to develop themselves and their skills. It is also guaranteed to be more fun to work with motivated and enthusiastic people!

Cost efficiency and environmental friendliness

As a material, stainless steel is ecological in itself, but we also try to take the environment into account in production methods and material needs. By designing smarter solutions for our customers and implementing them more rationally, we save both our customers’ money and natural resources.

Proven quality

Certificates issued to High Metal Oy:

ISO 9001 -certificate (155024-2014-AQ-FIN-FINAS)
ISO 3834-2 -certificate (155020-2014-AQ-FIN-FINAS)

The values of High Metal and operating principles

Doing together

It means striving for a common goal both in the company’s internal operations and with customers and stakeholders. It means helping a colleague, taking responsibility for one’s own and another’s actions, and valuing, respecting and encouraging the other. Working together with the customer means making cooperation easy and efficient, valuing the customer and taking responsibility for the success of this business as well. Working together with partners means finding the right and responsible partners, defining common goals and pursuing them equally and with respect for others.


It means having the courage to be yourself and express your opinions even if they differ from others. Courage to address grievances or give praise for a job well done. Courage to admit your mistakes and learn from them. Courage towards customers means an open and confidential approach and meeting the customer’s needs. In the case of stakeholders, the courage to demand responsible and transparent action and act courageously as an example.


Is continuous, active and sustainable. It obliges everyone to constantly learn new things, to question their thinking and to follow their times and our operating environment. Together with our customers, we constantly strive to renew our products, services and cooperation model. Together with our stakeholders, we constantly strive to monitor and anticipate changes in our operating environment and react to them proactively and responsibly.

The main operating principles of High Metal Oy: QUALITY– RELIABILITY – RESPONSIBILITY

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