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Case: Swimming pool at Villa Isola

Villa Isola in Helsinki’s Kuusisaari got a spectacular steel swimming pool in its yard when High Metal coated the concrete pool structure with acid-resistant steel.

The concrete support structure of the 9.6 meter swimming pool was already prepared before the actual pool material was selected. Steel was selected as a material based on its elegance, low maintenance and durability. Steel coating is also suitable for replacing old tiled basins made on a concrete support structure with an attractive and durable steel structure.

“In our opinion, the steel pool implemented by High Metal was the only sustainable construction option for Villa Isola. The maintenance-freeness of a steel pool and the timeless elegance of the pool is simply wonderful,”

says a satisfied customer about his new swimming pool.

A steel swimming pool realized by covering a concrete block structure with steel sheets.


Length of the swimming pool: 9.6 meters

Steel surface treatment: Machine ground plate

Implementer of pool equipment technology: Espoo Pool Technology

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