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Terapia-altaan rakentamista Tornion uimahallissa

Case: Tornio swimming hall’s therapy pool

High Metal was able to deliver a lovely and durable steel therapy pool to the Tornio swimming hall during the renovation, which is suitable not only for rehabilitation but also for other activities offered by the swimming hall.

The therapy pool, which was delivered to the Tornio swimming hall in two parts, can be used next to the large windows, as the light reflects off its steel surface very beautifully. The pool blocks were welded together at the site and the therapy pool was connected to the existing water treatment system.

A therapy pool intended for heavy use is a durable and versatile choice that will surely stay in good shape for years.

A beautiful and durable swimming pool with an overflow pool designed for therapy use.


Pool size: 9.8 x 6.4 meters

Steel surface treatment: Machine ground plate

Other: Connected to the finished water treatment system during the renovation and welded from two blocks on site

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