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Case: Ilola Inn

The boutique hotel Ilola Inn Sysmä at the top of Suopello opened in the summer of 2020.

The hotel has wonderfully decorated rooms, all of which have their own bathroom and a wonderful view of Päijänte. Ilola Inn offers versatile and high-quality services for the pleasure and help of Päijänne’s boaters. The large sun terrace of the café-restaurant with a jacuzzi merges seamlessly with the guest boat dock.

Inn’s spa sauna offers a wonderful sauna experience, offering a view directly to Päijänte. The terrace of the spa sauna has a year-round outdoor pool and you can also take a dip in Päijänte.

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High Metal Oy designed and manufactured a 10 x 4 m stainless steel infinity swimming pool for the Ilola Inn area.

“The swimming pool project, along with the saunas, was an essential and important part of the hotel’s spa atmosphere, and the best possible solution was sought. After comparing the alternatives, High Metal Oy’s stainless steel pool solution was chosen.

The choice was influenced by the suitability and adaptability of the solution to our needs, the ease and speed of installation, the durability and ease of maintenance of the pool material, as well as the high quality and impressive appearance of the final product.

The project progressed smoothly and the plans were completed quickly, as the references that could be seen at the factory made the choice of solutions easier. The end result, installed in place, was exactly what we were looking for as the pool fits nicely into its surroundings and the quality impression of the product fulfills the hotel brand’s customer promise; the best time in Sysma.

The schedule was reasonably demanding, a few months from design to installation. The corona caused the opening of the entire hotel project its own challenges, but the pool was nevertheless put into use just in time for the beginning of July, when the corona restrictions eased.”

Jyrki Pulkki, who is in charge of the Ilola Inn project, tells about the cooperation.

Water treatment and technology were provided by Pool4You.

An infinity pool designed for the hotel’s spa.


Pool size: 10 x 4 meters

Partner: Pool4You

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